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Winter is coming (We’re big fans of GOT here, insert Jon Snow Reference)…

Are your gutters ready? Winter weather poses some of the biggest threats of the year for your roof & gutters, even here in central Ohio where the winters aren’t as bad as in other spots. Are you wondering whether your gutters are at risk? Here are a few things to consider before winter’s chill fully sets in…

Clogged Gutters

When your gutters are clogged with debris such as fallen leaves, sticks, or even animal nests, they can’t properly funnel water away from your home. In fact, clogged gutters present a huge issue concerning large volumes of water. When water standing in your clogged gutters freezes, it turns into an ice dam. Ice dams force water up the slope of the roof and under the shingles, this backup causes leaks! These leaks can cause great damage to your home or business. These ice dams can even pull the gutters away from your house! Be sure to have your gutters professionally cleaned as soon as possible.

Trim Tree Branches

It’s not too late to trim the trees around your house! When winter weather hits, trees become waterlogged with precipitation that won’t dry out until summer, these heavy limbs and branches can come crashing down with the extra weight. Falling branches pose one of the biggest threats to your gutters this time of year, and even to your roof itself. Don’t let your trees knock your gutters loose, dent your gutter downspouts, or even poke a hole in your roof. Have your trees trimmed at least once every other year to keep winter surprises at bay.

Get Gutter Protection

Are you worried about whether your gutters will still become clogged in winter, even after having them professionally cleaned more than once already this year? It might be time to consider a gutter cover or other gutter protection system. Gutter protection systems don’t just keep leaves & debris out, they keep the water in, funneling it efficiently away from your home so you won’t end up with standing water on your roof. Winter can actually be a great time to work with a professional roofing and gutter company in your area as their installation season is likely beginning to slow down.

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