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It’s only natural to experience a wide range of emotions when your roof leaks. Panic, anger, trepidation and general d@mn it feeling! The overwhelming feeling is to get it fixed right away and stop the roof leaks. Most homeowners will get someone up on the roof as soon as possible before that minor headache grows into a major expense. Who do you call for a roof leak in the Columbus area? Where do you start? How do you not make a mistake with your roof?

Best Exteriors, Inc are a professional roofing contractor serving the Columbus area and all of Central Ohio and we’re happy to give you some insights. Specifically on four things every contractor wishes homeowners knew about roof repair & roof replacement. Before you call the first roofer you find online or from a friend of a friend’s cousin’s sister, please take a word of advice from a local roofer with many years of experience to save you time, money, and stress.

1. The delicate balance of price, quality and value

On your roof nothing is more important to the strength, quality and durability of your roof than the quality of the materials used to build it. Anyone can install a “new roof” and/or “stop the leak” by saving a few bucks by installing a roof with cheap materials. The scary part is that you won’t know the difference, unless you do your homework! But soon after you save a few bucks and the roof’s lifespan ends prematurely the “new roof” ends up costing you more in the long run! We replaced a new roofing Powell recently that was 2 years old because of poor installation. The appeal of the low price roof falls apart faster than the poor craftsmanship and shoddy materials used to build it.

Installation craftsmanship, quality of materials, price and value converge together to form the foundation of the way a reputable roofer installs or repairs a roof. Roofing companies with high standards will only use top quality materials manufactured by reliable brands with great reputations for durability and long-lasting beauty. After all, a roof should be a once in a lifetime purchase.

As a homeowner how do you ensure value, price and quality in your new roof installation? Our best advice is to do your homework! Ask a trusted friend, co-worker, gym buddy, family members, etc. for recommendations. Ask your roofer if they have current credentials from a manufacturer they can provide you.

Why are credentials from a manufacturer important? Because manufacturers perform background checks and do the vetting of the company for you! Included in this vetting is checking to see if the contractor is currently licensed, bonded, insured and is in good standing with their suppliers. Oftentimes the contractor will need to take a test to be able to offer their extended warranties & be part of their program. The top manufacturers want to partner with the right companies to represent them in the market so they do a deep dive to ensure that only top contractors in Columbus are credentialed.

At Best Exteriors, Inc we take our certifications and credentials very seriously and to prove it we’re backed by the top 3 brands in the roofing category (Owens Corning, Certainteed, and GAF) They trust US! They know we will represent their brand and offer a 50 year labor & material warranty because they trust us to do the right things on your roof.

When you’re comparing roof estimates, keep in mind the Cardinal Rule every roofer wishes you knew: not all estimates are the same, it always costs more to hire someone for less!

2. Hire a local roofing contractor!

The second thing a reputable roofer wishes you knew about a Columbus roof replacement project is how to spot and avoid a storm chaser. These contractors go knocking door to door after a heavy storm, most of the time without a valid license or local presence,and without local reviews & references. Signing your name on the dotted line puts you and your home at risk! There are many roofers in Central Ohio that are only out to find “storm damage” but when it’s legitimate storm damage our team of skilled consultants can detect it and assist you with the insurance claims process and help get your roof restored.

In most cases, an out-of-town contractor—and especially one operating under the name of a local roofing company is basically in stealth mode as a storm chaser—will leave you high and dry at the first sign of a roofing problem. Buyer beware but the labor warranty is usually 1 year, which is the state minimum! Ask yourself this, how is a contractor based in Texas, Colorado, Iowa or Illinois going to fix your leak? It’s highly unlikely that they’ll be able to service your home. When that happens, you’ll be kicking yourself for not hiring a locally licensed contractor that can get to you quickly.

Rather than wait for disaster to strike, our advice is to get proactive by researching local roofers now. It’s a good idea to have a local, reliable roofer in your back pocket to call if severe weather impacts your home. Even better, hire a roofer today to install the top preventative measures that secure your roof and home before Mother Nature strikes.

3. Maintenance matters.

Your roof protects your home from all the elements, which is why you want a high quality roofing system installed by an expert local roofer in Central Ohio. Professional roof maintenance prevents roofing issues to ensure reliable, longer-lasting weather performance, which can save you from frequent repair work or even a premature roof replacement.

There are three key elements behind building a roof to last a lifetime. The first two fall on the roofer.

Roof longevity is the product of selecting the highest quality roofing materials backed by local contractors that offer workmanship warranties and are backed by leading manufacturers. It’s also a matter of installing those materials the right way with equal focus on both the issues on top of the roof and the ones down below inside the attic. Any reputable roofer will handle these two crucial elements.

But the third element is up to you—and that means staying on top of problems and repairs with routine roof maintenance.

We encounter countless homeowners stuck replacing—rather than repairing—their damaged roof when regular maintenance could have prevented the problem and pushed the roof’s lifespan further. The bottom line: when you start your search for a roofing company, find one that offers regular maintenance—because it matters.

4. Sometimes repairs don’t work

Occasionally the damage to the roof is beyond repair. Curled shingles, damaged flashing, excessive granule loss or a rotting roof deck only scratch the surface of the external warning signs to indicate a roof replacement. When these problems are noticed, finding a reputable roofing contractor is imperative. If your roof is 20 years old (+/- a few years) you’re going to want to do your research and find a contractor now! Get an honest assessment of the state of your home’s roof and find a contractor willing to come up with a plan based on your unique needs and budget so you can start to plan ahead.

A professional roofing contractor should always be truthful and give you their honest assessment of the condition of your roof, it’s their job! Sometimes that means breaking the news that you need a new roof installed on your home, we understand that’s tough to hear sometimes. We can offer guidance and help you through next steps.

Getting the Most Out of Your Roof

At the end of the day, every homeowner wants to get the most out of their roof. This is why it is crucial to hire a quality roofing contractor to ensure the job gets done right (the first time).

If you’re concerned about your roof leaking, or maybe it is getting towards the last legs of its life, make sure to give us a call at Best Exteriors! Our team of experienced professionals are at the ready to inspect your roof and offer you a quality solution that will last years to come.

Contact us today to learn more and to schedule a free consultation!

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