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For the most part, nobody even thinks about their roof until they have a problem with it. Think about it, your home or building has a roof on it and until it leaks or you lose shingles in a storm you assume it’s shedding water and doing what it’s supposed to do. You assume that it’s going to last and that you won’t have to worry about it, so you focus on the rest of your home. But it’s important to understand that protecting and maintaining your roof can prolong its life and vital repairs are part of that investment.

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It’s very easy to get confused by the terminology. Roof repair and replacement can seem like the same thing, but in fact, these two processes are very different from one another. Roof repair is more along the lines of patching up a leak or replacing a pipe boot, whereas replacement refers to the process of removing your existing roof and installing a brand new one.

Routine maintenance allows our roofers to catch and solve potential issues, such as identifying missing shingles or shingles with curls or bald spots. These tasks only cost a few hundred dollars. The regional average for roof replacements cost between $6200 and $13,600 depending on the size & complexity of your roof. When you let roofing issues go too long without getting a minor roof repair done, you run the risk of spending a lot of time and money on an entire roof replacement.



You may not realize the full benefits of a roof repair if it doesn’t seem like your roof has much wear and tear on the surface. However, it is essential to consider the long-term repercussions of not regularly maintaining your roof so you can make an informed decision.

  1. First of all, it saves you money in the long run! Sure, you may be less inclined to get a roof repair because of the cost, but imagine how much more a full roof replacement is going to cost if you don’t do the proper maintenance while you can. If it gets to that point, you won’t have the option to save that money. Keep the long-term financial benefits in mind and get a roof inspection every few years.
  2. Also, you may be unaware of the state of your roof, so it’s essential that a roof repair technician thoroughly checks your roof for any issues that are evident or hidden. Just because you can’t see a leak, doesn’t mean one doesn’t exist. You could have a roof that’s compromised with leaks that you’re entirely unaware of, we see situations like this frequently. Once leaks and damage start to become apparent to the naked eye, you’re probably past the point of no return. Avoid spending extra time and money on a full replacement and make sure you don’t leave the damage until it’s too late.
  3. Finally, meeting with a professional roofing contractor will not only help you maintain the roof in which you invested so much in the first place, but you can also start planning for when it is necessary to get a roof replacement. That time is valuable so you secure financing or save for this expense. You’ll learn approximately how much time your existing roof has left, as well as the cost and upgrades available. That way, you’re not only getting a roof repair, but you’re consciously planning for the future.

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Roof repairs always seem to show up out of nowhere, don’t they? When your wallet wasn’t prepared for roofing service, you can feel confident knowing that we offer numerous financing options for all our customers.


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