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Storms that roll through Central Ohio can cause severe damage to your home, especially your roof along with your siding & gutters. Having this kind of damage on the outside of your home puts the interior of your home or business at risk of serious damage. Missing shingles, siding panels that are not firmly attached and gutters showing dings & dents are some of the common signs of damage to your home after a storm. It’s important to know what to do after storm damage to help reduce the risk of ending up with major damage inside and outside your home.

Call a Professional Local Roofer

When you have storm damage or even if you suspect it, the first thing to do is call a local roofing professional for an inspection. Our team members can get up on your roof in order to check for damage, assess the home for your families safety and assess whether you need repairs or a roof replacement. Your roofer should provide you with guidance and next steps for if you have damage that warrants an insurance claim or small repairs and everything in between.

Avoid Storm Chasers

When your roof is damaged from a storm there can be an influx of contractors into the area that pose as local roofing pro’s that set up a new office & register their vehicles in Ohio to make it look like they’re from the area…these are called storm chasers.Why should you avoid these companies?. These types of companies typically do subpar work that lacks service after the work without being familiar with the local area, then disappear once they’ve made their money. You should only work with a local roofer with local references & track record who has experience in inspecting and repairing or replacing residential and/or commercial roofs, which helps ensure you have quality work done.

Get Immediate Help for Severe Damage

If you have major storm damage it is important to contact our team to come to your house as soon as possible. Major damage can cause your roof to become structurally unsafe and put the interior of your house and your valuables at risk of severe damage. Our team members can help ensure you get prompt repairs completed and ensure your home is safe & dry, which lowers the risk of having small damage turn into major issues.

Prevent Widespread Damage

Getting an inspection, emergency services and repairs done right away is important in order to prevent widespread damage to your roof or siding, etc. Letting even minor damage, such as a small roof leak, go without being fixed can lead to much more serious damage to both your roof and the interior of your home. Always remember this, a roof leak doesn’t stop leaking until its been repaired even though you may not see the stain on the ceiling grow, water is still coming into your home or business. For example, your home might end up with a mold problem or severe wood rot if you have a serious leak.

The Best Way to Handle Storm Damage

If your home was just hit by some severe weather, make sure to contact your local roofing contractor to get an inspection scheduled. If your roof was hit by large hail, severe winds, or debris, there is a solid chance there could be a leak!

If you happen to be located near Columbus, OH, make sure to contact Best Exteriors! Our team of experienced professionals are always at the ready to provide roof inspections, repairs, and replacements. Want to learn more about getting your roof inspected by Best Exteriors? Give us a call today to schedule your free consultation!

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