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Wondering if vinyl siding is the best choice for your home?

Vinyl siding is one of the most common type of siding out there, which is no surprise considering there are so many benefits ranging from cost to durability.

If you live in the midwest, you are fully aware of how the frigid winters and blistering summers can do a number on your home (not to mention your electric and heating bill).

One of the best ways to improve curb appeal and energy efficiency in your home is with new vinyl siding! Now before you place an order for all new siding, let’s break down the top benefits to make sure this is the best decision for your home.

vinyl siding benefits

Benefits of Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding is one of the most popular siding options for a reason! Let’s break down some of the top benefits of choosing vinyl for your home.

Life Span

Vinyl siding has impressive longevity for the price. While vinyl definitely isn’t viewed as the most durable material on the market, it has tremendous value.

One of the greatest benefits to vinyl siding is that it won’t rot, dent, or rust like other materials. With this being said, vinyl has the potential to last 30+ years! Some even say vinyl siding can last 50+ years. However, there is more to it than merely surviving. You want a siding that will look good and protect your home for years to come

A common question we get is “does vinyl siding fade”, and to provide full disclosure, it isn’t resistant to fading. However, it is normal for it to last 10 to 15 years before the first signs of fading.

Vinyl is also fairly resistant to impact. Now this doesn’t mean it can take a shot from a hockey puck or massive hail damage, but it can hold its own to severe weather and debris. When it does get damaged, it will crack. But, this can be easily replaced with another piece.

Minimal Maintenance

Vinyl Siding is pest and warp-resistant and requires very little maintenance in order to provide enduring exterior protection. When properly installed and maintained, vinyl siding can generally last 20-30 years. High-quality vinyl siding with additional insulation can help decrease your utility bills by adding fanfold insulation or we can discuss fully insulated panels as an alternative.

Cost Effective

Vinyl has a reputation for being an affordable siding option that will get the job done. And this reputation is proven to be true! Vinyl siding can cost anywhere from $2.00 to $5.00 per square foot, which is substantially cheaper than other options.

It also comes in a wide selection of colors and styles, is low maintenance and moisture repellant. There are even some darker colors available called ‘Solar Defense’ which warrants that the house will be free of fading for years even on darker color siding panels.

With all of these features, it is no surprise that so many homeowners choose vinyl siding for their home.


The many different color options, styles, and finishes available with vinyl siding. This makes it easy to mix and match with your current trim and roof color to boost your curb appeal! Vinyl siding is also available in plenty of different styles which allow it to mimic the look of natural wood and other materials without the expensive price tag.

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When Should you Replace Your Siding?

What does your current siding look like? Go outside and take a walk around your house and examine it. Do you see siding that is discolored at the seams? Did you notice your energy bills this summer seemed higher than usual? Do you have panels that are loose, falling off of the home or that appear to be in a state of disrepair?

If you notice siding that looks like it’s seen better days and you’d like to learn more about siding repair or a new vinyl siding installation please contact us today for a no pressure/ no obligation consultation.

Is Vinyl Siding Right for Your Home?

Not sure if vinyl siding is the right choice for your home? Our team at Best Exteriors offers complimentary 3D modeling of your home to help you decide which type and color of siding is right for your home!

This interactive model allows you to design your home how you want it to look with just a few clicks. Want to see how this works for yourself? Click here to see a sample home and experiment with new roof, trim and of course siding options available for your home!

The Best Way to Install Vinyl Siding

Choosing the type of siding to install on your home might feel like the biggest decision, but it really is the contractor you choose to get the job done right. A bad installation can render even the best materials useless. That’s why you need to do your research and find a quality, well rated contractor to trust with the job.

If you happen to be near Columbus, Ohio, make sure to give us a call at Best Exteriors! Our team of experienced professionals have been building a strong reputation based on quality and guarantee to get the job done right. Contact us today to learn more!

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