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During a new roof installation, many homeowners choose to go with architectural shingles. They’re budget-friendly and durable, making them a great choice for anyone who wants to get a long-lasting roof without emptying their savings.

When it comes to asphalt roofing, there’s no better choice than GAF Timberline HDZ Shingles. Not only do the GAF shingle colors look great, but they are also a superior quality product in a variety of ways:

  • Patented LayerLock technology
  • StrikeZone for easy nailing and installation
  • Long-lasting algae-resistant technology
  • Incredible wind protection
  • Manufactured in the United States
  • High-definition color patterns
gaf shingle colors asphalt roof and brick

While deciding the details of your roof installation or replacement, the number of colors to choose from can be overwhelming. After all, the right shingle color can add volumes to your curb appeal; you want to make sure you’re making the best possible choice!

To help you out, we’ve created a list of some of the most popular GAF shingle colors of 2024.

1. Charcoal

If you’re a fan of that tried-and-true look for your home’s exterior, you can’t go wrong with a classic like Charcoal. The dark shingle colors are very familiar, so you probably won’t be turning any heads with these shingles. However, the two different tones in these shingles elevate the traditional look, adding depth and dimension to your house’s roof.

Because these GAF shingle colors are so neutral, it pairs well with basically any siding. Whether you have brick, vinyl siding, or any other exterior materials, Charcoal shingles are sure to pair well with the existing design of your home.

2. Hunter Green

For a slight departure from the traditional neutral colors of roofing, go with something like the Hunter Green GAF shingles. The color of these asphalt shingles is subtle enough that you shouldn’t hear any complaints from your homeowners’ association while still being able to exhibit some of your personal flair in the design of your house.

Since the roof color itself is already a statement piece, these shingles would pair exceptionally well with white or cream siding. Whitewashed brick would also enhance the color of your roof and add old-timey charm to your home’s appearance.

To tie the color of the roof in with the rest of your house, consider matching the color of your trim or shutters to the roof. With New England-style homes like Colonial, Victorian, and Greek Revival architecture, these accent pieces would especially pop.

3. Appalachian Sky

Part of their Harvest Blend line, the Appalachian Sky shingles evoke the dusty blues and grays of the sky above these millennia-old mountains.

Since the blue and gray shades of these shingles tend to be quite dark, balance them with light siding. The blend is made of fairly neutral colors, so it’s up to you whether you also want a neutral siding to go with your shingles. A beige or cream siding would look just as well as something more colorful, as long as you keep the shade light.

4. Golden Harvest

On the warmer end of the spectrum is the Golden Harvest color, a blend of warm gray, brown, and a touch of red and gold. It’s not hard to see how these colors can make you think of how nature looks in the fall!

Choosing one of the accent colors in these shingles to tie into your siding can be a great way to give your home’s exterior design a cohesive look. For example, if you have multicolored bricks on the outside of your house, as long as one of the colors of the brick matches with one of the colors in the shingles, it’s more likely that the other colors will seem to go together as well.

It would also make sense to utilize plainer siding and let the roof be the star of the show. A light taupe stucco could make an interesting pairing, or any other similarly colored siding. No matter what, choose a warm-toned siding material to go with the warm tones in these shingles.

5. Shakewood

Looking to evoke the feeling of weathered wood without having to put up with all the upkeep and cost of using wooden shakes for your roof? Shakewood is the perfect choice of shingle color for you.

Just imagine how cozy a home would look with cedar shake siding and a Shakewood roof. Or, to create a look with a little more flair, consider pairing a red or yellow vinyl siding with this roof. It’ll evoke a sense of natural surroundings without requiring all the maintenance of actually using natural materials in your siding or roofing.

6. Williamsburg Slate

Finally, for a modern spin on one of the more traditional colors in roofing shingles, we’ve chosen the Williamsburg Slate Timberline shingles. These mostly blue-gray shingles also have a touch of red, creating more depth than a single color could.

Since both blue and red appear in these shingles, both warm and cool-toned sidings would complement this roof shingle color.

Choose One of These GAF Shingle Colors for Your Home

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Next time you need a roof installation or replacement, consider choosing from these GAF shingle colors for your home improvement project. Between their amazing durability and abundant design options, GAF Timberline HDZ architectural shingles are an amazing choice for any roofing project.

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