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If you’re wondering “how old is my roof,” then it’s probably time to look into investing in a new roof. Estimating the age of your roof can be tricky, since every one ages differently, depending on the installation and shingle material. By taking the time to inspect your roof, looking for some signs of aging, and even researching the age of your roof, you can help to avoid further damage from the elements

Read on to learn some helpful ways to gauge your roof’s age.

How Long Do Roofs Last?

The age of your roof is a critical piece of information that home and property owners need to uncover. Most roofs can last between 25-30 years on average. Since a new roof is a significant investment, it’s imperative to uncover the exact date your roof was installed.

If your home is showing some signs of disrepair but is only 15 years old, you may only need to do a roof repair. Working with a skilled roofing contractor can help you determine what to do.

How old is your roof broken gutter

Uncovering Your Roof’s True Age

Take some initiative to learn the accurate age of your roof to help you make more informed decisions about what to do. Here are several ways to determine how old your roof is.

  1. Ask the Former Owners

If you didn’t ask the previous owners or your realtor before purchasing your home, you’ll ideally want to do so. Keeping in contact with the previous owners is a great way to ask certain home questions. Asking when was the last time a roof was replaced is a fairly common question, so most homeowners are open to sharing that information, especially if they had to install the current roof while they were in the home.

  1. Request the Building Permit

If the previous owners simply sold the property and are unavailable to contact, you can luckily do a bit of research at your county records and request a copy of the permit. Now, some counties don’t require building permits, but most do. Once you acquire this document, you’ll learn at least the dates alongside inspection records of your home’s roof. This will be the most accurate source you will find, and it can be monumental in selecting the right option for your home.

  1. Reach Out to the Previous Roof Replacement Company

If the former owners don’t remember the exact date of their replacement, they might still be able to remember the company they used. Many companies will keep detailed records of installations, so you could reach out and ask about their roofing company receipt to get a better idea of when the last roof was installed.

  1. Look for Warning Signs

You have most likely driven around a neighborhood and seen the difference between a new roof installation and a worn, old roof. Thankfully a roof can be upgraded or repaired. Just make sure to keep an eye out for these key signs that your roof is beyond the point of repair:

Damaged or Leaking Gutters

An efficient gutter system is vital to maintaining the health of your roof and diverting water away from your home. If you start seeing overflowing water, cracked gutters, rot under your shingles, or even fanning near your drain, these are clear indicators that your roof needs some attention.

Curled Shingles

Extreme storms, high winds, and excessive heat can curl shingles. When this happens, shingles cannot function properly and open your roof to wear and tear. The earlier these are replaced, the less damage they can do to roofs.

Vegetation Growth

Some older roofs start to develop unsightly vegetation growths, especially in moist climates. Over time they become more susceptible to water damage, and this roof moss can appear. Some man-made structures like abandoned buildings are more prone to these growths, but it can still impact any property where negligence runs rampant. While cleaning a roof can limit these issues, it’s usually a good indicator that it’s time to upgrade to a new roof.

How old is your roof moss growth

Damaged Roof Valleys

Roof valleys allow water to safely be directed off of your roof. When they no longer work, there is an increased risk of severe water damage to your home. Any water damage inside your home can rot wood, peel paint, and become breeding grounds for mold and mildew.

Missing Shingles

One of the biggest signs of an aging roof is missing granules and shingles. This means that the adhesive connecting them to the roof has failed. While major storms and high winds can blow debris and cause shingles to fly off, they are also commonly seen on roofs of a certain age.

  1. When in Doubt, Ask a Professional

If you’re not able to get information from the previous owners or local government, you can always hire a home inspector to evaluate the current state of the roof to make a rough estimate of its age. Inspectors or professionals from roofing companies are highly trained in this field and can identify telltale signs of an aging roof and offer a trusted assessment of its current state.

Installing a new roof is a great way to improve property value and boost curb appeal. Since roof installations are highly complicated, it’s best to leave this to a trusted roofing company. They can ensure you have all essential records alongside building permits and even walk you through insurance and code compliance. Most roofing companies will even offer extended warranties and instructions to help you properly maintain your roof throughout the years.

The Best Way to Replace an Old Roof

When you need a new roof, it’s best to work with a roofing expert from the project beginning until the end. While most roofers can determine the age of your roof, it’s best to work with trusted, local roofers who can recommend a roofing material ideal for your particular house, offer a legitimate estimate of your roof’s age, and provide additional services to add longevity to your roof’s life.

Our team at Best Exteriors are proud to offer exceptional roofing and exterior contracting services throughout the Columbus, Ohio, area. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction because having a strong, resilient roof is the matters. Protect your property with a new roof installation from our dedicated team.

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