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Has heavy wind hit your town and left behind a trail of damaged homes and businesses? When a big wind storm blows through, it’s important to assess your home for any obvious storm damage afterward. Although one or two torn-off shingles might seem like no big deal, it’s actually quite crucial that you act fast in order to fix your shingles and avoid more extensive damage down the line.

Don’t know how to repair roof shingles blown off in a storm or on a particularly windy day? That’s okay! This in-depth guide aims to give you all the information you’ll need to fix your roof shingles and keep your home protected in the future. Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Signs of damaged shingles ⚠️
  • Common ways roof damage can happen 🌪
  • Risks of putting off your roof repair ⛔️
  • How to repair roof shingles the right way 🛠
  • Hiring a professional roofing contractor 👷🏻

Keep reading to learn more about blown-off shingles and how to repair them. This way, you can avoid more costly roofing issues in the future.

Signs of Damaged Roof Shingles

For starters, it’s important to be able to identify signs of a damaged shingle roof system, so you know when to take action. Take a step back into your yard and look up. Missing shingles should be fairly noticeable right off the bat. Otherwise, bring a friend to spot you (since climbing ladders can be dangerous) and get up to your roof’s surface to identify areas with missing shingles.

If any problems are present, you’ll likely see damaged shingles that are:

  • Curling
  • Lifted
  • Discolored
  • Losing excessive asphalt granules
  • Hanging by one shingle corner
  • Completely missing
how to repair blown off roof shingles lifting

Healthy roofing systems have a nice, uniform pattern, so it’ll be pretty easy to spot any shingles that are out of place. It’s important to fix your damaged roof quickly because missing shingles can cause roof leaks, drafty rooms in your home, and higher energy bills each month.

Why Might a Roof Shingle Blow Off?

Although shingles are designed to withstand high winds, heavy rains, and other harsh weather, they’re not entirely immune from the occasional issue. If you notice several shingles being blown off after every storm, there may be something else behind the issue. Examples of how blown-off shingles can happen on your roof include:

Harsh Weather Conditions

Of course, any kind of storm can impact the structural integrity of your roof and roofing materials. It’s essential to inspect your roof after every storm that hits. Roofs are most commonly damaged by:

  • Hail storms
  • Heavy rains
  • Strong winds
  • Falling trees/blowing debris

Improper Installation

Another reason your existing shingles might be blowing off in each storm is a faulty installation. That’s why you want to have your roof installed by a licensed, insured, and vastly experienced roofer to ensure your new roof shingles stay put.

Faulty Repairs

Like a poor initial installation, improper roof repairs will also leave you more susceptible to missing shingles after storms. Again, always work with a reputable company that can replace shingles the right way.

Poor Maintenance

No roofing material can protect your home properly without the right yearly maintenance— and that’s the homeowner’s responsibility. Put time and effort into annual maintenance to avoid damaged roof shingles.

General Wear

Of course, there will come a time when your roof reaches the end of its lifespan, and repairs on each missing shingle are rendered ineffective. In these cases, you might need a full roof replacement to restore your home’s roof.

What Happens if You Don’t Repair Blown off Shingles?

As we already mentioned, there are many more issues you could be facing down the line if you fail to fix your blown-off shingles immediately. For example, you might experience:

  • Roof leaks
  • Internal water damage
  • Pest infestations
  • Wood rot
  • Mold and algae growth on shingles
  • Excessive energy loss (through your attic)
  • Higher energy bills each month
  • More missing shingles
how to repair blown off roof shingles damage

How to Repair Roof Shingles Blown off Your Home: Tools, Techniques, & Tips

Now that you know how to spot a missing shingle and why it’s so important to repair the problem quickly, we can jump into the juicy details of how to replace shingles blown off your roof. From the correct tools to use and in-depth steps to repair roof shingles to tips for dealing with your insurance company, we’ve got it all covered right here:

1) Gather the Right Tools for Your Roof Repairs

Before you can replace shingles, start by gathering the right tools and safety equipment for the job. That will include the following items:

  • Pry bar or nail puller
  • Utility knife
  • Hammer
  • Roofing nails
  • New shingle strip or individual matching shingles
  • Safety harness
  • Non-slip shoes
  • Ladder
  • A friend to spot you

Need to purchase the proper safety equipment before fixing your missing shingles? Shop for top-of-the-line roofing safety and fall protection kits here.

2) Replace Your Blown-off Shingles

With the proper tools in hand, ladder set up with a spotter, and safety harness on, it’s time to start your project. Climb up to your roof’s surface and follow these steps to replace a missing shingle:

  1. Use the pry bar to carefully pry up damaged shingles that are still attached to your roof and the hammer to remove nails as needed.
  2. Asphalt shingles overlap, so remove the remaining nails from where the missing one was, as well as the two bottom shingle nails from the one above, allowing you to slide the new shingle into place.
  3. After all the old nails are removed, slide a new shingle underneath the one above. Work carefully to avoid damaging any of the surrounding shingles.
  4. Use new roofing nails to secure your new shingle underneath. If your roofing system uses adhesive strips, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure the most durable seal between shingles.
  5. Climb down, clean up, step back, and admire your beautiful craftsmanship.

3) Take the Next Steps

If you’ve come to realize that you’re not ready to handle this type of home improvement project yourself, or see that a missing roof shingle isn’t your only roofing problem, don’t panic or feel obligated to finish the project. Put down the tools, climb carefully down your ladder, and look for a locally trusted roofing contractor to come to assist.

Many roofers will offer a free roof inspection or free consultation to decipher the extent of your roof damage. Most also offer a free quote or free estimate, so you can make an educated financial decision before moving forward with your asphalt roof repair.

If your missing shingle issue is due to a storm, don’t forget to look into your insurance policy and talk to your insurance company too. Your roof repair costs might be (at least partially) covered.

Schedule Your Blown off Shingle Repairs Today

When your roof is damaged by wind or in one of those wild storms we see more of these days, don’t wait to repair roof shingles until it’s too late. Roof shingles help your home stay dry and comfortable throughout the year, so you can’t take any chances when some go missing.

Make a call to a trusted roofing company or contractor in your area to schedule a consultation and take the next step toward restoring your roof. But how do you find the right roofer to repair roof shingles quickly and at a fair price?

The best way is to ask around with your trusted friends and neighbors or do your own online research to find reputable roofing companies nearby who know what they’re doing when it comes to missing shingles.

Look for top-rated home remodelers and roofing specialists like Best Exteriors to handle the job. Our accomplished team is here to help when you need fast and durable shingle repairs. Contact us now to schedule your free inspection and fast repair with a team you can trust.

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