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When a storm hits your home, the subsequent damage can be devastating. If your home or business is damaged, you need to find a reputable storm damage repair company as soon as possible. There are many companies that serve the Columbus, Ohio, region, so how do you know which one is right for you?

Natural Disasters in Columbus

When you live somewhere, it is important to be prepared for the unique weather challenges you might encounter in that area. While you won’t be seeing a hurricane in Ohio, the state has its own dangers, including

  • Floods – Ohio has had several notable floods throughout history, including the famous Great Ohio Flood of 1913.
  • Tornadoes – Ohio is estimated to get about nineteen tornadoes a year, concentrated around the early summer months.
  • Severe Weather – During a severe storm, homes are in danger of falling debris from trees, hail damage, and flooding.
  • Severe Snowstorms – Columbus averages roughly 28 inches of snow a year. When a severe winter storm hits, there can be dangerous consequences, such as power outages and frozen pipes. Heavy snow can also make evacuating and receiving help difficult.

How To Choose a Storm Damage Restoration Company

When choosing a company to help you repair your home, there are a few things you should consider. First and foremost, it’s important to research what services the company offers. Storm damage restoration companies typically offer a range of services, including roof repair, window repair, and debris removal. It is important to choose a company that offers the specific services you need.

It’s also a good idea to research the company’s reputation. When your house needs repairs, you are in a vulnerable position. Asking your friends and family members for recommendations or reading online reviews will help you choose a company that will help ensure that you are getting the help you need during a difficult time.

Lastly, don’t forget to ask about the company’s pricing. You might be tempted to have them start repairs right away, but it’s always a good idea to ask for estimates before making a decision. 

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1.) Best Exteriors

Of course, we couldn’t end this blog post without mentioning our own amazing team here at Best Exteriors. In addition to roofing, siding, and gutter services, we also offer affordable and reliable storm damage restoration. We know that wind damage, hail damage, and ice dams can all create serious complications for your home. We’ll help you repair and replace damaged sections of your roof, bringing your home back to its pre-loss condition.

We also offer assistance in dealing with insurance. We know that when you are overwhelmed, it can be difficult to figure out the insurance process. Our team of experts will help guide you every step of the way.

We offer free inspections and estimates for your home’s roof. Contact us to get your home back to normal!

☎️ 614-964-2378

1.)Exterior Alliance

If you’re looking to have a local company on speed dial that can help you with storm damage on your roof, Exterior Alliance is here to help. Their team of roofing professionals knows how devastating the effects of storm damage can be for your home. They work with you to repair the damage in a timely, professional manner.

They are a licensed, bonded, and insured company with an A rating from the BBB. 


2.) The 1 Tree Service

Fallen trees are often a part of storm damage. Unfortunately, they can wreak havoc on your home and yard. Fallen branches can create holes in your roof and dent your siding. The 1 Tree Service can assess your home and help you make a decision that prioritizes your home’s safety.

The 1 Tree Service offers a variety of tree maintenance services, including storm damage services. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and are a top-rated business on HomeAdvisor.

☎️ 614-999-0280

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3.) iDry Columbus

iDry Columbus specializes in helping buildings that have been affected by water damage. When water or rain gets into your home, it can create lasting problems like mold and bacteria that can affect the safety of you and your family.

iDry Columbus will assist you through your storm damage repair by removing water and preventing further damage from mold and bacteria growth.

☎️ 614-810-0000

4.) Rite Way Restoration and Remodeling

Rite Way is an expert in the restoration industry. They specialize in reconstruction. After all, there are spaces in our home that we absolutely love. When they suffer from storm damage, it can feel as if we’ll never get them back again. Rite Way will work with you to make your home look just the way it did before the storm.

They pride themselves on their timely repairs and well-rounded team that can help you during every step of the restoration process.

☎️ 614-295-8135

5.) PuroClean Water, Fire, and Mold Experts

When the tagline is “The Paramedics of Property Damage,” you know a business means…well, business. PuroClean is a full-service damage restoration company serving the Columbus area. They offer 24/7 services because you never know when disaster will strike.

PuroClean knows that your home is important to you, which is why they have a team of experts on hand to help you in the case of water damage, fire damage, or mold removal. 

☎️ 614-309-5739

The Best Plan is To Have One

Having a plan in place will help ease your mind when it comes to protecting your home against inclement weather. With these businesses, you can rest easy, knowing your home is protected from whatever Mother Nature throws its way.

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We’ll have you love your home project so much that people will drive by and comment on how good it looks. That is our promise to you.

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