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Most homeowners spend a lot of time thinking about how the inside of their home looks. However, did you know that the outside appearance of your home could be affecting it in a variety of ways, including

  • Insulation
  • Curb appeal
  • Protection against water damage
  • Resale value

At some point in your home owning journey, you’ll need to replace the siding on your house. Your home deserves the best, and when it comes to siding, that means using James Hardie products.

Their products come in a variety of finishes and colors. While this gives an option for every style, it can also be overwhelming. Wondering which of the Hardie board siding colors is right for you and your home? We’re breaking down some of our favorite colors from the collection and why we love them.

Why Choose James Hardie Siding

There are tons of reasons why industry professionals recommend James Hardie siding over any other brand on the market.

  • Durability 💪 – James Hardie fiber cement siding is beloved for its incredible durability. Unlike traditional wood siding, Hardie siding is highly resistant to rot or other side effects of moisture exposure.
  • Sustainability 🌍 – James Hardie is committed to sustainability. By making products that stand the test of time, they are already contributing to reducing landfill waste. However, they plan to reduce the current number by 47% by 2030.
  • Climate Customized ☀️ – James Hardie knows that different homes have different needs. That’s why they invented the Hardie Zone system. This unique system offers products that are customized to handle the challenges of the climate that you live in.
  • Resale Value 💵 – 91% of builders say that adding fiber cement siding increases your home’s value. This means that your resale value will go up!
  • Curb Appeal 🏡 – With their wide selection of colors, James Hardie siding will take your curb appeal to the next level!

8 Best James Hardie Siding Colors

So, you’re convinced! James Hardie siding is right for you. Now comes the hard part: choosing a color.

Check out this guide to our favorite colors from their collection.

1) Cobble Stone 🧱

Cobble Stone is the neutral shade of your dreams. A creamy beige, this color instantly evokes a sunny walk through a small southern town. We love the combination of the Cobble Stone siding color with white trim and sleek details like black light fixtures.

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2) Light Mist 💨

Gray siding is timeless, and that’s certainly the case with Light Mist. We love that this color is a soft neutral with light undertones but that it isn’t so light that it reads as white from a distance.

We love this color for a beachside home or sweet little cottage.

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3) Pearl Gray 🔘

Like Light Mist, Pearl Gray is a soft gray shade. Pearl Gray, however, has slight brown undertones that gives this shade an earthier feel than other gray colors. As such, we love this color when paired with a brown or tan roof.

Pearl Gray also looks natural when combined with stone elements like brick detailing on your home or rocky landscaping.

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4) Golden Beehive 🐝

Natural wood siding never goes out of style, but when it comes to maintenance, it can be a lot to handle. James Hardie siding in the shade Golden Beehive can give you a similar natural look that will last much longer.

We love that Golden Beehive is a warm, golden color that is reminiscent of natural cherry wood. That said, it has some cool undertones that keep it from having the orange appearance of classic wood siding options like cedar.

We would pair this shade with bright white trim and an accent color like blue for your front door.

(Image Source: )

5) Farmhouse White 🐓

Love the farmhouse aesthetic? Why not pick siding to match?

Farmhouse White is a gorgeous bright white shade with cool undertones that will make any home look happy and welcoming!

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6) Evening Blue 🌙

More and more homeowners are choosing deep blue shades to make their home exteriors pop! Evening Blue is a perfect navy shade for your home. The hint of black helps this blue still feel like a classic neutral color while still making a statement.

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7) Navajo Beige 🌵

Looking for a soft, neutral brown that will never go out of style? The timeless look of Navajo Beige looks good on virtually every style of home. We think pairing it with a creamy white creates a warm, homey feel. 

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8) Everglade ⛰️

Green is everywhere these days! Why not add it to the exterior of your home? We like that Everglade makes a big impression without looking unnaturally bright amongst the greenery of your yard. We’d pair this with white trim for a fresh look.

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