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There are many aspects to consider when making this decision. That is because siding is a large part of the curb appeal or the impression of your home, not to mention the wrong choice may leave your home susceptible to higher energy bills and inadequate protection for the elements. Therefore, it is crucial to not only select the right material for your house but also to ensure that you can keep up with its maintenance and that its meeting needs for your home or business..

Choosing the Best for Your Home

Siding is a material that is typically attached to the exterior wall of a house to make it weatherproof. Additionally, it can be a beautifying element for any building. Since there are many choices to consider, you need to determine the one that works best for you & your home or business. To achieve this, consider the following:

  • Project cost
  • Durability
  • Length of project (time of construction)
  • Energy efficiency
  • Aesthetics

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl has become the most widely used siding material around the world due to its numerous benefits. It is a hard plastic material that has been installed on numerous homes since the 1950s. Because of the many color choices, added durability and low maintenance, vinyl became the favorite material for most of the home owners & home builders.

Vinyl Siding is available in a wide variety of colors, textures and styles giving hundreds of options for the homeowners. Vinyl is light in weight and also easy to install, when combined with rigid insulation it can increase the emergency efficiency of the home. If you want to upgrade your home with this material we would be honored to assist in the process.

Metal Siding

The benefits of Metal (typically Aluminum) siding are tempting for many building owners, this is commonly used on commercial buildings, educational facilities and municipal buildings. However, using metal siding as an accent on your home is growing in popularity. Metal is one of the most durable siding materials in the market and is able to withstand weather changes, including storms, heavy rains, snowfall, fire, and strong wind force.

Modern paint coating technology can reflect the sun’s radiant away from your home, and this increases energy efficiency. As a result, metal siding can stabilize your indoor temperatures, particularly during the summer months. Another benefit of metal siding is it’s low maintenance because metal is resistant to warping and fading.

Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding can be an excellent option for homeowners & HOA’s who want a wood siding look for their homes without the maintenance associated with it. The material is made up of a mixture of wood fibers, cement, and sand for added strength & durability. It is thicker than vinyl and can withstand harsh weather such as the wind, hail and temperature changes. Fiber cement siding does not expand or contract and should be installed by factory trained professionals.

Learn What Siding is Best for Your Home

Are you ready to learn more or meet with a project consultant? Best Exteriors, Inc. is equipped and ready to transform your home when you’re ready, we are certified installers of vinyl and fiber cement siding. We also provide the following services:

Change the look of your home today with new siding. We offer a different variety of siding materials that you can choose from and you can sleep easy knowing you’ve got a great company working for you! Contact us today and so can help you figure out what siding is best for your home or business!

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