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As a homeowner, you want your roofing system to last for as long as possible. Your roofing system is an investment that not only protects your home or business, but can also affect its value. This is where annual roof inspections can help! However, what some homeowners might not realize is that roof inspections aren’t just a good way to help you maintain the roof; they can also help you save money and they’re usually free!

Helps Prevent Mold

Mold contamination in your home or business can be a major problem that you don’t want to experience, it can have a negative impact on the health of the occupants. If you have your roof regularly inspected by a roofing repair contractor, you’ll decrease the likelihood of having to deal with mold as any damage that can allow leaks in can be identified and repaired as soon as possible.

Reduces Your Insurance Premiums

Failing to keep up with regular roof (and home) maintenance can cause premature deterioration, your insurance carrier can legally drop you if you neglect maintenance. However, by having your roof regularly inspected and kept in good condition you may qualify for a reduction in your insurance premiums and dont need the stress of getting dropped by your insurance carrier. This can help you save a significant amount on your annual insurance fees.

Prevents Structural Damage

Roof leaks can cause significant structural damage to your home. A leak can cause damage to your roof sheathing/decking, which is wood the shingles are nailed too. If the leak is not addressed & corrected, it can begin to rot your roof’s sheathing and structural supports eventually making them unstable enough that you’ll need to have them replaced. Thankfully, you can prevent this from happening by regularly maintaining your roof and having necessary repairs done as needed.

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